Plane ntro

from air

geo location for art (site/sound) collective/gatherings and rainforest farm.

focused on organic experience. we believe your life is a cherish-worthy experience and would love to assist in the augmentation of that experience through the synergy of auditory and visual stimuli.

more specifically we are interested in developing the concept of "xenexperience". The idea that creating a foreign or alien environment can kick-start creative thought patterns in our participants.

it up to you to figure out the rest.

started around 2000 in Iowa as a series of private gatherings entitled Struct-Type. (I will post the archive here soon)

Upon finding another location in California around 2005 the iom collective started up again to throw the darkparty series of events over the next couple of years. (I will post further data about these events here soon, for now check the gatherings section)

we have a new permanent rainforest location a mile off shore on the big island of hawaii and will be testing the limits of the location for music and gathering possibilities as well as planting a host of plants and fruit/trees...

Previous events