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aNOML is foreign culture


factory from air

anoml is the working title for an art (site/sound) collective.

anoml is focused on organismic experience. anoml believes your life is but a cherishable experience and would love to be able to assist in the augmentation of that experience here on this planet through the synergy of auditory and visual stimuli.

More specifically anoml is interested in developing the concept of "xenexperience". The idea that creating a foreign or alien environment can kick-start creative thought patterns in our participants.

anoml leaves it up to you to figure out the rest.

iom started out around 2000 in Iowa as a series of private gatherings entitled Struct-Type. (I will post the archive here soon)

Upon finding another location in California around 2005 the iom collective started up again to throw the darkparty series of events over the next couple of years. (I will post further data about these events here soon, for now check the gatherings section)

The future of iom will be held as the darkklub series located in San Francisco clubs along with outdoor renegade parties until a southern SF location can be reestablished as HQ for further gatherings... please stay tuned.

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. typ ( planar zone 1 )
. planar zone ( planar zone 1 , 100 )